Our specialty

  • Technical inspection of vessels
  • The production of cryogenic gases
  • Manufacture of cylinders for liquefied and gaseous gases
  • Repair of vessels working under pressure

The highest quality and best working conditions!

"Universal Partnership-KZ" LLP

We supply technical gases such as oxygen, propane, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, acetylene, argon, argon in/h., welding mixtures. In addition, we carry out technical inspection and repair of gas cylinders.

Since 2014, the production activity of “Universal Partnership-KZ” LLP is focused on the development of a comprehensive approach to the creation and operation of centralized medical gas supply systems, uninterrupted supply of medical gases – oxygen, medical air and carbon dioxide, vacuum – the necessary conditions for operations and treatment of patients. Modern centralized medical gas supply systems consist of oxygen, vacuum, compressor stations, control, and distribution, signaling devices, main pipelines and medical consoles.

Our advantages

Licenses and Permits
Certified and qualified specialists
We use only safe certified materials

The production capacity of the filling stations

  • Liquid nitrogen – permanent storage of 33 tons
  • Nitrogen gas – 1575 m3
  • Argon – 1750 m3
  • Acetylene – 60 cylinders
  • Helium (Gazprom LLC of the Russian Federation) – 100 cylinders
  • Carbon dioxide permanent storage of 36 tons
  • Oxygen – 2520 m3
  • Welding mix – any volume on request

* data for 24 hours


Do you know what?

Each cylinder after filling passes quality control for pressure, serviceability of the valve, after which the quality passport

Reliable assistant in the field of technical gas supply

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